A wondered firm, which was created by love for fantasy, dreamt to generate dreams.

Figuring out ideas, turning dreams into a concrete product is our daily challenge. Our work is not common, that’s why we like to describe Ozlab Funfactory as a factory of real imagination, where adventures and emotions become projects, sceneries, sculptures, buildings, which means objects and special places.


Ozlab Funfactory is a valuable professional reality, because it arises from the combination of the early artistic inclination of its founder and a deep, historical and effettive culture of the theme park world. From the idea of an attraction to the project of an entire park, we can find and develop the optimal solution for every occasion.

The right idea, the evocative design, the accurate project, the careful supervision for the realization of exciting and original sets make our company a unique reality of its kind.

Creativity and expertise at the service of design, are the ingredients that allow Ozlab to conceive an attraction or to tranform every environment into a new engaging and immersive reality. Each of our projects focuses on objectively functionalities and images which merge into a single strategic vision. Ideas, experience and innovation to define contents and optimize resouces, style and design to generate attractions.