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The park creator vocation was born with him: as a child he dreamt of undertaking this magical profession. After receiving a diploma in arts, he graduated at the Academy of Belle Arti of Brera, in Milan, discussing an innovative planning thesis on theme parks. He often collaborates with famous amusement parks in Italy and abroad, especially as a designer and sculptor. He worked as a painter for Walt Disney Attractions in Florida, after a selection from more than 400 candidates

In 1999 he founded Ozlab Funfactory and since then he has been dedicated himself to the planning and the realization of attractions and scenaries for the amusement sectors and theme parks, using different skills, which go from the idea to the design, from the comics to the realistic illustration with different styles and tecniques, to the architectural design; from the scale modelling to the big sculpture up to the direction and the realization of the works.

Alessio-Bressan   ALESSIO BRESSAN

Since the creation of the firm, he has been collaborating on the development of the work with a large competence spectrum.

Amusement park, theme park or water park, layout and scenery, he follows each project for all its development, focusing on the stages of work which are complementary to those of Marco.

He is envolved in communications and relations of Ozlab with suppliers, collaborators and customers and he is in a charge of managerial and amministrative aspects.