When the right idea is found, it is important to put into measures, volumes and spaces: we will be able to place side by side the creative part with the best technical and planning component. We’re able to plan any production in detail. Nothing can be neglected, from our safety features to the research of the most lasting and likely materials.

Constant goal in any other project is the final user: every detail must help to create an interesting, evocative and exciting experience.


The idea is visible as object at last.
Our scale models, accurate in every detail, are an astonishing preview faithful to the truth! The function of miniature models is various: they confirm the good quality of the project, of the functionality of the spaces and of the final aesthetic yield. They turn out to be very helpful in order to define the price of the work and they are giving the chance to discuss eventually about changes or any other kind of constructive trouble.

The plastic faithfully reproduces on a reduced scale a theme attraction, a playful and educational environment and an exibition space into a whole fun park. Any project can be verified with the best level of precision, any contest can be displayed as it will be.